How to kick-start SALES despite COVID-19

Right now, businesses must sell to survive.

With so many people working from home, just finding any buyer to sell to is HARD!

And accelerating sales will be vital when the lockdown ends. The race with competitors will be on.

Fortunately, there is a Solution

I work with a specialist associate lead generation agency – BDP. They specialise ONLY in high-quality, B2B sales lead generation. It is all they do, so they have to be good at it!

Whilst most buyers conduct research, typically only 2-5% of them (including those of your target audience) is ‘in the market’ actively looking to buy at any one time.

And believe or not, they are looking even now!

The challenge is identifying who they are. And that is what BDP do.

Using Behaviour Based Marketing Insight

BDP apply a unique software platform that delivers the competitive advantage you have been waiting for. High quality sales opportunities that are often on no one else’s radar.

Like an alert system the platform applies actionable intelligence to identify people actively looking online to buy during the past week, based upon their behaviour patterns, prioritising and ranking them based upon a client’s set criteria. Then telemarketing converts them into ‘sales-ready’ opportunities.

Because each person is identified as an actual prospect looking NOW, it reduces the sales cycle TIME from engagement to close significantly. No need for a long and costly flood of social media, content and digital marketing without much measurable result.

Each opportunity provided will have all the necessary information required for the salesperson to engage, such as: a well-defined and matched need, a decision maker, a budget and buying timeline.
It is a game changer for selling, faster!

Transform your Sales Performance

Then call me now.

Or use BDP’s calculator to see how you could get more out of Sales.

And turbo charge your Sales success.

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