What is Marketing for?

Marketing is an activity that essentially should help a business to sell more, at a higher profit.

And, it should always be accountable to ensure a return on the investment involved.

However, Marketing and what it is actually for, is one of those things that many Marketers find difficult to define.

Possibly that is because they are ‘siloed’ – more focused upon vertical, specialist areas of marketing, like digital, social media or content.  So they usually have little understanding of, any interest in, or accountability for the end-to-end sales engagement process from first contact to close of sale.

Many Marketers talk about building brand awareness and developing communications plans – often with emphasis upon activity where definitive results are hard to measure, such as social media (with the exception of Linked-in). They therefore avoid the accountability of the actual sales engagement process, in measuring factual outcomes and success.  To them it just seems too crudely transactional, boring  – and risky!

As a Marketer, if you can’t qualify precisely what you are trying to do (and why), or set key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure performance and determine your marketing ROI, then there is no accountability!

At Rushford Hudson, our belief is that if you cannot provide clear, accountable commercial value from any marketing activity (i.e. a satisfactory return on investment) then simply, you have failed to deliver.

Marketing is all about delivering an end result that helps to increase sales.

That’s what we do.

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