Why are some so-called marketers so tunnel visioned!!!!!

Because they live in marketing comfort zones!

This myopic, self-serving ‘Influencer Study’ in the mediapost.com puts email last in ROI.

Interestingly, it was conducted by SocialPubli.com and it’s a finding totally contradicted by literally every other survey.

Of the 150 so called ‘marketers’ polled, only 2% say email produces the best ROI. In contrast, 35.3% cited influencer marketing, while 29.4% named SEO, 21.6% cited social ads and 11.8% named SEM.

That is like endorsing a flat earth theory!!

It is so biased.

Significantly, a broader based market survey by Adestra last year found that 73% of marketer actually ARE getting good to excellent ROI from email……

So why this ludicrous SocialPubli.com survey result?

Simple, because those surveyed were all social media ‘specialists’, they are ‘tunnel visioned’ because they don’t do, want or like doing anything else. They exist with each other in comfort zones, out of touch with reality, thinking email is aggressive and demeaning as an engagement. Wrong again, most people actually value it as a very effective marketing tool.

These ‘specialists’ are yet another reason why Marketing has fragmented and often fails to deliver any value.

This is a real issue, especially for small to medium businesses. It means that businesses could require up to six or more differing agencies or freelance specialists to supply marketing services.

This is an issue. Why? Because, typically, working in isolation, in their comfort zones, these six or more different points of contact will add additional management time and far less value than expected – because each will be suspicious of the others, they will not willingly work together and any possible ‘plan’ will not be joined up.

The point is, if you cannot effectively understand how well your marketing return on investment (ROI) is working from initial engagement through to close of sale, it is wasted.

However, a part-time Marketing Director can solve problem, quickly and cost effectively.  I have to be impartial, so I cannot be ‘tunnel visioned’ or live in any comfort zone.

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